“I sure miss hanging with the guys,” A phrase heard often by Pro Baseball Alumni. Missed are the stories, plane rides, restaurants, jokes and the understanding of what it took to get to the level needed to play the wonderful game of baseball at a high level.  



The UPI staff are willing to help you make it happen!


How would it sound to get time together with alumni buddies from the game; doing an activity you enjoyed together off the field?  Just some good ole kick back time with guys you miss and enjoyed fellowshipping with?


For the past number of years UPI has been putting together a variety of venues to help you men get back together. To help facilitate this, we have organized numerous activities that guys have suggested. These have included  deer hunts, fishing trips, cruises and ball park get together nights. You interested in hearing more? 


So what might scheduling these events look like? 


First, we would encourage you to identify an outdoor sport or activity that would bring back your old friends.  Next, share your idea with one of our staff. We in turn can help put the trip together. You invite the guys you want to reconnect with and together we can plan a location, date and costs . We will provide a UPI staff person to oversee the event!


A typical day might include a Bible study followed by the activity you choose and a lot of good ole Fellowship.Theses events typically happen over either a long weekend or a one week…you decide. 


If interested in further information, please be in touch with us!