A Place of Refuge

We just finished our first month in Unlimited Potential’s fourth decade of serving the King in the world of professional baseball. This past January we hosted 3 Men’s Retreats (two Hunting Retreats in Tennessee and our annual Men’s Retreat in Arizona) with almost 100 current and former players participating in those times together. These retreats have a way of providing a clubhouse environment for the guys who come, but more than that they provide a place of refuge for men to just be themselves.

This year we invited Jay Stringer to come lead the teaching sessions for our Arizona Retreat. Jay is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who specializes in helping people overcome unwanted sexual behavior. This was certainly not an easy topic of conversation, but we were all blown away by the level of vulnerability that guys expressed during the weekend together. Several guys said,

“The men at this retreat know me better than all my family and friends back home.”

And many of the guys mentioned new commitments that they were ready to make or hard conversations that they wanted to have when they got back home. Overall, it was obvious that the men felt safe enough to just be honest and real, and they began to experience God’s grace and healing on a whole new level.

Sometimes we need a place of refuge and safety where we can experience God as our refuge and strength.  

One of the best moments during the Arizona Retreat was when everyone got up to share a little bit about themselves and how many years they’ve come to the retreat (we’ve been having this retreat for the past 25 years!). As each man got up to say something, it was really cool to hear the guys share over and over again how refreshing it was to be with other men in an environment where they could just be “real”.

There are so many guys out there who are burdened with unwanted sin, struggles and brokenness in their own lives, but they feel like they can’t share any of these struggles with anyone. Fortunately, these retreats have become a safe place for them to share.

Please pray for these men and pray that our King will continue to help us provide places where those who have been hiding can come out and experience God’s healing.
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