Not Alone

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for man to be alone;” Genesis 2:18.

In the Genesis story of creation, God ended each day with the words "it is good." At the end of the sixth day, it reads, “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good” (Gen. 1:31). Chapter one ends and all is good in the world that God has made. As we read on in chapter 2, we come to a point where God now says that there is something within His creation that is not good, and that is man being alone (2:18).

We were created to be in relationships, first with God, but also with other people. One consequence of the coronavirus was that it caused us to alter how we cultivated relationships. As a staff, we traded in-person ministry and relationship to having it on Zoom. Being on a computer and in-person are not the same thing. We need face-to-face relationship. As a ministry we were limited during the season, but once the off-season arrived, I was presented with three opportunities for in-person relationship and ministry.

The first was a marriage retreat that my wife Nicole and I attended with Luke and Ashley Hochevar at Ian and Allison Kennedy’s duck farm in Missouri. The time together growing in our marriages with young KC Royals couples was amazing. Seeing Ian and Allison use their family duck farm for ministry was inspiring.

The second came when I traveled to Tennessee, to Luke’s duck farm for a wounded veteran duck hunt. I was so thankful to be able to minister to and interact with these veterans in person and alongside Luke.

The third opportunity came as Brian Hommel and I led a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico in January, partnering with 1Mission to build houses. We had tiring days of construction and then awesome nights in the Word around a campfire with the guys we brought with us.

It was good to be with my co-workers and other Christians, to “not be alone” and to be growing closer to Jesus together.

We at UPI love to help others grow closer to Jesus so stay connected with us and look for some opportunities where you too can “not be alone” and also grow closer to Jesus. Check out our Trips and Retreats sections on our App and website; we are hoping to be adding to the list soon.

Upcoming Schedule

- Weekly Zoom Bible studies and discipleship for all of the UPI staff
- Terry will be leading weekly small groups
- Tyler will continue with his seminary classes in February and March
- Mickey will be taking his sabbatical through February
- Mickey will be at spring training in Florida.  (Details are yet to be confirmed)
- Brian will be leading small groups during spring training.  (Details are still being worked out)
- Luke is hosting a Wounded Warrior Hunt – February 5-7

Prayer Requests

- Rest and rejuvenation for Mickey while on sabbatical
- Direction for the staff as they navigate through Spring Training.
- Increased connection with players through the upcoming season
- For the staff to lead their own families with wisdom and grace, always pointing them to Jesus
- That the church in America would not compromise with the culture but will be God’s faithful witnesses.
- PRAISE GOD for his financial provision for UPI through the year 2020
- PRAISE GOD for the UPI Board and the decisions that were made at the December meeting
- PRAISE GOD that Brian and Tony had a great trip to Mexico partnering with 1Mission
- PRAISE GOD for the “Digging In” teaching series and many who are reading the Bible with us
- PRAISE GOD for good hunts and fellowship
- PRAISE GOD for the health of Tyler’s wife, Colbey, and their unborn baby who is coming at any time.
- PRAISE GOD that He is always teaching us who He truly is
- PRAISE GOD for his protection over the UPI staff and families during this pandemic
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