Connection vs Task

I recently preached at our home church in Delaware. Thank you, as I know many of you were praying for me. At the heart of my message was a contrast of two words, connection versus task. Most of us have a natural bent towards one or the other. We tend to be either connection-relationally oriented, or task-objective oriented. This may seem like it’s not a big deal, but once you start to look at it in the context of our relationships, especially our relationship with God, it is a big deal.

How we view and relate to God will be greatly influenced on whether we are connection-oriented or task-oriented. If we see God as our loving Father we are leaning towards connection. But if we view God based on how we are living or how little we are sinning or how much we are doing for Him, then we are leaning towards task.

Jesus told us to call God “Abba” -- an intimate relational term that could be translated as "Daddy". He came to reveal the true nature of God and to connect with people. Jesus also modeled what a connected relationship with God looked like.

Maintaining His connection to God was Jesus’ highest priority.

In His teaching on the vine and branches in John 15, Jesus tells us that what we do is a result of our connection to the Vine. Our life and the fruit that is produced is the outcome from this connection. The task comes after and from the connection. Jesus then tells us that apart from Him, absent of connection, we can do nothing that has any eternal significance. He also informs us that, absent of connection, we whither and die.

As the off-season approaches, the UPI staff are forming groups once again to meet via Zoom or in-person. We will be taking players and couples through some material produced by John Mark Comer called Practicing the Way of Jesus. One key element in the practices of Jesus was His connection to His Father. We would encourage you to check out this series and join us as we implement practicing the way of Jesus, especially in our connection with our “Abba” daddy.

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