Blessing Extended

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The phrases, “God has blessed me” or “I am so blessed” are so frequently used today that many of us have lost a good sense of what God’s blessing really means and even overlook the magnitude of its implications.

Most of the time when people say, “God has blessed me,” they are referring to the fact that God has given them something for which they are happy and thankful. And even some Bible translations have attempted to interpret the word blessed to mean happy. However, this word blessed should not be reduced down to physical gifts from God or internal feelings of happiness. To be blessed is not merely a condition describing what we may feel like, but rather a word declaring how God feels about us. In the Bible, to be blessed by God means to have the right relationship with him that we were intended to experience.

In the beginning, this is how humans were created — experiencing favor and enjoying fellowship with their Creator. However, things took a turn for the worst when human beings made the foolish decision to try and define good and evil for themselves which as a result severely fractured their fellowship with God.

Humanity (and the rest of creation) is now inherently broken: not inherently blessed.

However, in our second study in the Son of Man series, I make the case that God mercifully did something to correct our error by initiating a rescue plan where he promised to restore his blessing to his creation through the family of Abraham.

The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the descendent of Abraham who has come to fulfill that plan. Jesus invites all people from all nations to follow him in faith and to join him in extending God’s blessing to the rest of creation through a renewed partnership with God.

This invitation to enter into a renewed partnership with God and to participate in his unfolding rescue plan is a profound truth and an extraordinary privilege. But what exactly does this mean for us today and how should it be impacting my daily routine and life?

We Are the Evidence

It first means that for many of us, we need to realize that unless you have a Jewish lineage then you are living proof that God’s promise to Abraham is actually being fulfilled in Christ. If you are not a biological descendent of Abraham then you are a descendent of a different family from a different nation who is now getting to experience God’s favor and fellowship because of what Jesus has done.

It should humble us and help us to realize that we have been included into something and get to experience the benefits of a promise that God made to the ancient ancestors of a particular people group from the other side of the world. And so, we ought to be extremely thankful that we even know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And if you belong to him then you are evidence that God is restoring his blessing to his creation through the Christ.

We Have Been Blessed

It also means that we need to remember the lesson that God’s blessing is something given; not gained. We as Christians today are experiencing God’s blessing because he took the initiative and invited us into a new partnership and relationship with him.

God’s favor and fellowship is not something that we can earn but rather something that we can experience by believing his promises in Scripture and trusting his provision and by having faith in his resurrection power.

And so again, we ought to be extremely thankful that we belong to a God who has taken the initiative in human history and who has even sacrificed himself in order to bless us and to be in fellowship with us once again.

We Must Extend the Blessing

And lastly, it means that we need to recognize that we are now part of the vehicle that is carrying God’s blessing out to all the families of the earth. God set Abraham apart and blessed him so that he would be a blessing to others.

We need to see that God’s blessing is about so much more than just personal salvation from a sin problem; it is a call to be a part of something much bigger that God is doing in human history. We as Christians are called to participate in the plan to rescue and restore God’s blessing to the rest of creation.

This season you will be surrounded by people in your city, at the field and in the clubhouse who unfortunately are not experiencing God’s favor and fellowship with him. They are still experiencing inherent brokenness; not God’s new-life-giving blessing. But part of the way that God continues to fulfill his rescue plan is that he has placed you with that particular team and among that group of people.

We have the privilege and the responsibility to participate in the rescue plan that God initiated way back in human history beginning with a man named Abraham. Lets participate in that plan by being obedient Jesus followers and real-life examples of his service, humility and selfless love. And lets unashamedly share the good news about how God has taken the initiative and made an incredible sacrifice because he loves his world, and he wants to restore his blessing to all of humanity.

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