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"The first eleven chapters of Genesis introduce us to the awesome Creator who made a good world and then surprisingly commissioned humans to rule it as his representatives. But it also begins the tragic story of humanity rebelling against God and ruining everything."

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Suggested reading

The following is a list of books that were used and read to prepare this study.


The Message of Genesis 1-11

David Atkinson


Genesis Commentary

Derek Kidner


Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

Craig Keener & John Walton


New Bible Commentary

Gordon Wenham & Alec Motyer


The Lost World of Genesis One

John Walton


The Lost World of Adam and Eve

John Walton


In the Beginning... We Misunderstood

Johnny Miller & John Soden


Genesis Unbound

John Sailhammer


Adam and the Genome

Scot McKnight & Dennis Venema


The Battle for the Beginning

John MacArthur


God Dwells Among Us

G.K. Beale & Mitchell Kim




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Study One

Intro to Genesis 1-11

Study Two

Genesis 1:1-2:3

Study Three

Genesis 2:4-25

Study Four

Genesis 1:26-28, 2:8, 15

Study Five

Genesis 3-4

Study Six

Genesis 5-9

Study Seven

Genesis 10-11