The following studies are structured in a way to empower anyone with everything they need to lead a small group study. Studies are being added and updated regularly and more can be found (and best used) on the UPI App.

Son of Man

The Bible is a book that tells the one big story of how the Creator is rescuing his creation through the Christ. In this series, we are going to look at five different different human figures from the Old Testament story and see how their stories foreshadow what would eventually be fulfilled in the Christ of the New Testament.


In the Beginning

The first eleven chapters of Genesis introduce us to the awesome Creator who made a good world and then surprisingly commissioned humans to rule it as his representatives. But it also begins the tragic story of humanity rebelling against God and ruining everything.



In just three years, Jesus changed the world through his ministry and message. These simple studies are designed to help us discover who Jesus was through the eyewitness accounts and testimonies of those who had their lives transformed by him.


Basic Commands

In his last words here on earth, our Lord commissioned his followers to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to observe all that he commanded. Therefore, these studies are designed to help teach new believers how to obey some of the basic commands of Christ. 



Mark somewhat forces us to rid ourselves of our preconceived notions about what God is like and how God operates. He zeros in on the person of Jesus with a strong emphasis on his majesty as the Son of God and his mission as the Suffering Servant.



The mission of UPI is to reach, teach, and train baseball players for the purpose of sending them out into the world to make disciples of Jesus who love God passionately and love others radically. In this series, we look to give you a vision and an approach to reach others.



Galatians is perhaps the fiercest and clearest dismissal of salvation through human effort written by the apostle Paul. This letter reminds the Church to embrace the good news that Jesus alone fulfills the laws of the Torah and justifies believers.



The letter of James was written to instruct all followers of Christ on how to practically live out their faith and obedience to Jesus as Lord. It was written by the brother of Jesus and has more references to Jesus’ teaching per page than any other letter in Scripture.



The apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans is arguably the most influential work of literature in the history of civilization. As his only letter written to a church that he had yet to spend time with, Paul’s letter to the Romans is a synopsis of the gospel message showing how Jesus has established the new covenant people of God.



God knows what he is doing in the way that he has designed marriage to work, and therefore any hope of success in marriage lies in our understanding and submission to his design and purposes for it.


2 Timothy

As Paul sits in a Roman prison awaiting his impending death, he pens his second letter to his protege Timothy encouraging him to not lose heart, to not shrink back from his opposition, but to rise up and fulfill his holy calling.