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"The letter of James was written to instruct all followers of Christ on how to practically live out their faith and obedience to Jesus as Lord. It was written by the brother of Jesus and has more references to Jesus’ teaching per page than any other letter in Scripture."

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Suggested reading

The following is a list of books that were used and read to prepare this study.


New Bible Commentary

Gordon Wenham & Alec Motyer




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Study One

James 1:1-11

Study Two

James 1:12-27

Study Three

James 2:1-13

Study Four

James 2:14-26

Study Five

James 3:1-12

Study Six

James 3:13-18

Study Seven

James 4:1-10

Study Eight

James 4:11-12

Study Nine

James 4:13-17

Study Ten

James 5:1-6

Study Eleven

James 5:7-11

Study Twelve

James 5:12-20