I just recently returned from our annual fly-fishing retreat in Jackson Hole, and it was amazing as usual. The weather was perfect and the food, fellowship and fishing were fantastic! But what gets me every time I come here is the majestic beauty of this place. I truly feel the presence of God as he displays his glory in creation.

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.” (Job 12:7-10)

We worship a creator God who reveals himself in and through his creation and displays what I like to call unnecessary beauty. We would be none the wiser if the leaves just went from green to brown and then to the ground or if there were only a few types of fish or no mountain ranges or even bears for that matter, but that is not the case. And so as I get the privilege of enjoying this place each year, I’m amazed at the creativity of our God and the joy that he must get as we take time to see his wisdom and creativity in creation.

I truly feel the presence of God as he displays his glory in creation.

The only thing that rivals my love for Jackson Hole is my love for my brothers that go with me each year. Tom and I have done this trip for seven years now, and the group as a whole has dubbed ourselves the Jac7 (Jackson Hole 7).

This year there were only five of the regular seven guys there, but nonetheless the Jac7 still did what we do — worship our Lord Jesus together and dig deeply into his Word.

We encourage each other and spur one another on to godliness. We as a group have the desire to be used by God in any way that he sees fit in order to bring glory to his name and new believers into his kingdom. We also desire to help others grow in their faith so that they too will desire to go and do likewise.

This year our focus in the Scriptures was Matthew 9-13. Each day a different guys would break down a chapter, and we would discuss it together. This daily time in the word together is so special to me. To hear and see what my brothers hear and see in Scripture is a priceless treasure.

The main theme of our time in the Word that week was the fact that Jesus is the supreme authority whether we like it or not. We then asked ourselves, “What does that mean to have Jesus as our authority and what should that look like in our daily lives?”

Faith is a gift from God and salvation is a gift from God, but we are commanded by the apostle Paul to work out this salvation — not earn it because it has been given to us through our faith in Jesus. So, to work out our salvation must mean to be intentional in our growth and intentional in our obedience — not only in regard to morality and right living but also in what God would have us do for him. He asks us to be willing to be used by him for the furtherance of his kingdom.

What does that mean to have Jesus as our authority and what should that look like in our daily lives?

The Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Retreat is the kick-off for me for all the off-season trips that we do. Most of these trips are international where we will be using the game of baseball to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus to any and all that God puts in front of us. The trips are listed on our schedule, and we would like to ask you to please be in prayer for the UPI staff as we lead each one of them. Pray for those who come with us, and for the souls of those that
will hear his message proclaimed through us. May God be glorified as many come into a saving relationship with Jesus and become his followers. And may God richly bless all of us with a growing knowledge of who he is as our Creator and authority!!


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Effective offseason ministry with players and on our international trips 

For each staff member to continue passionately loving Jesus and others 

Wisdom and discernment for many changes on the horizon for the UPI staff 

Good rest for our staff in early October before offseason ministry begins 

Good health for the end of Simon’s season in Germany 

For players in the German small group to continue growing in their faith

More opportunities and boldness to live out and proclaim the gospel

For new relationships to manifest during the Fall League Chapels

For Hommel’s leadership of the Arizona Couples’ Small Group

Tom is mentoring Grace College baseball coaches

Praise for the unity and like-mindedness among the UPI staff

Praise for great ministry this season with players’ small groups

Praise for all the opportunities to share the love of Jesus in Germany this summer

Praise for another great retreat this year in Jackson Hole

Praise for AJ Graffanino having a great first year with the Braves

Praise for Nick Graffanino transitioning well to Grand Canyon University

Praise for Marissa Weston’s healing and recovery after knee surgery


Germany Small Group every Friday

2 Atlanta Small Groups every week

Braves Small Group every Tuesday

3 Arizona Small Groups ever week

15 Arizona Fall League Chapels

Terry Officiating 2 Weddings for Players

Mickey speaking at Missions Conference

Tom speaking at The Gap Leadership Luncheon

Tom speaking at Lafayette Christians School

Tony leading Germany Trip

Mickey leading South Africa Trip

Tony leading Puerto Rico Trip

Staff working at the Increase Conference



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