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What's Been Going On

Many of us know that we ought to share the good news about Jesus with others, but we still find ourselves struggling to actually do so. And so, we need a simple approach to reach the people around us. This was the focus of our two retreats in January and this has been the focus of the Spring Training studies as well. 

From the first two chapters of Genesis to the last two chapters of Revelation, God has revealed one plan and one mission for all of humanity — God is partnering with humanity to fill the earth with his image and his glory. And even though humanity has rebelled against God and has chosen to define good and evil for ourselves, God rescues us from our rebellion through the work of Jesus.    

This is good news that has massive implications on the lives of all human beings. And so, it is our responsibility and privilege to share this good news with others while living a new kind of life that reflects the life of Jesus. We are the ambassadors of our Creator and King, and we are to multiply and fill the earth with the image and glory of God.

Over the last few months, we have seen players captivated by the grand story of the Bible and motivated to embrace the mission that God has given us. And like a good hitting coach, we have devoted ourselves to teaching these players a specific approach that will help them reach others and carry out this mission. Several players are already making a noticeable difference in their clubhouses and within their own families, and we are excited to see what might happen in several clubhouses across the country during this upcoming season.

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How You Can Pray

  • Opportunities and boldness to reach more players this upcoming season 
  • Blessing for each staff member's personal relationship with God
  • Health for the staff/board and their families
  • Spiritual growth in the German study group
  • Opportunity for Drew Weston to play professional baseball this season
  • Wisdom for Marissa Weston in choosing grad school
  • A close friend of Tom's is rehabbing after suffering a stroke
  • Blessing for Tom's time with the Grace College baseball team
  • Thankful for the ministry opportunities in Spring Training
  • Thankful for the discipleship relationships that are becoming fruitful
  • Thankful for God's provision and protection 
  • Thankful for Marissa Weston's scholarship offers
  • Thankful for Kayla Weston-Aanderud receiving her #1 choice for residency
  • Thankful for the continued favor we experience in MLB clubhouses
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  • 10 MLB chapel services
  • 5 MLB Bible studies
  • Mickey speaking at FCA event
  • Mickey leading a baseball outreach for Pleasant View Bible Church 
  • Tom will be the chaplain for NCCAA World Series
  • Brian will travel with the Diamondbacks to Milwaukee
  • Mickey will travel with the White Sox to Detroit
  • White Sox Extended Spring chapels every Tuesday
  • Braves Minor League small group every Tuesday
  • Arizona Men's Group every Wednesday
  • Atlanta Men's Group every Thursday 
  • White Sox Extended Spring Bible study every Thursday
  • German Bible Study every Friday


Thank You!

The fact that you're even reading this proves your concern for the mission that God has given us. We want to thank you for your participation, financial support and your prayers. 

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Support the Mission

Your gracious support gives us the resources we need to commit our lives to the mission of making disciples. 



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