From Genesis 1:28 to Matthew 28 to the last two chapters of Revelation, God has revealed one mission for all mankind...


And so, God commanded humanity to multiply and fill the earth with people devoted to this mission. 

However, humanity has chosen to live life like we prefer to live it and has become stuck in this cycle of failing to be who we were created to be.

But God addressed this rebellion by attaching himself to humanity through his Son, Jesus.

Jesus came on a mission to rescue humanity and to restore us back into being who we were created to be. And he revealed to us that true humanity is characterized by a passionate love for God and a radical love for others.

And so, Jesus has commanded those that he's rescued and restored to once again cultivate the creation as his special representatives.

In his last words to his first followers, Jesus declared that we participate in this revolution and carry out our mission by being his disciples who help to fill the earth with more disciples who love God passionately and love others radically.

This is the grand unfolding plan of God and purpose of man that will culminate in a new creation that is purely good and full of the glory of God.  

This is humanity’s story. This is your story. And we are here to help players live out this story and mission within their own world of professional baseball.


The Mission

Our mission is to reach, teach, and train baseball players for the purpose of sending them out into the world to make disciples of Jesus who love God passionately and love others radically.