Multiplying Strategy

Three-Year example

The following is a disciple-making strategy for multiplying small groups in the course of a three-year span.


Phase One

reaching & teaching

  • Time Period: 6 months
  • Main Focus: Invite others into a context of observing your faith in action

Start with consistent prayer asking the Holy Spirit to draw men to you and to grant you boldness in being a witness for Christ. This is a time of high intentionality in inviting those within your circle of influence to spend more time with you in a context that allows them to observe your faith in action.

This could be invitations to eat together, drink coffee together, workout together, play golf together, commute together or serve others together. You must make an effort to listen to these people, learn about these people, love on these people and then use language around these people that begins to teach them about your faith in an informal type of way. Phase One never really ends because this is essentially how we should be living out our lives as Christ's witnesses anyway.    



Phase Two

teaching & training

  • Time Period: 18-24 months
  • Main Focus: Cultivate and nurture a small group focused on growing together 

Take time to fast and pray for who you should invite to start your group. Begin a weekly group that is devoted to fellowship, prayer and bible teaching. Be clear early on that the main goal is for men in your group to one day do this with their own group. Lead your group through the Multiply Series first and then 1-2 more studies from the Grow Together app.

After these initial studies, have the group select a study and then take turns leading the group each week. Challenge one another to actually apply the things you study each week and cultivate an environment with transparency and high accountability among the men. Be in constant prayer for God to raise up new leaders from within your group and to add any members that the Holy Spirit might draw to you.  



Phase Three

training & sending

  • Time Period: 6 months
  • Main Focus: Prepare new leaders to go and start their own new groups

Take time to fast and pray for God to confirm those whom you feel are ready to lead. Start practical training for potential leaders on how to start their own group. Go through the Grow Together Manual and help them work through the practical assignments and exercises. Show them the example multiplying strategy and encourage them that Phase One (see above) starts now. 

After going through the manual, take time each week to discuss the core doctrinal statements and FAQs that tend to arise with each one. And rest assured that members within the group who may not be potential leaders will still benefit from experiencing this time of training and sending. Ask the Holy Spirit where he wants your group to go from here and then continue on in that direction.