What we do.

We believe that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel who was resurrected from death and who is now the King over the whole world. And we believe that he has given all of his followers a special assignment.

Go make more disciples.

We are to be disciples of Jesus who work to make more disciples of Jesus. We are to be devoted to learning the way of life that Jesus has taught us and committed to teaching others how to live the way of Jesus as well.

Jesus selected a few men and then began to teach and to train those men in the context of a small group. He would provide opportunities for his disciples to serve others and create environments where more followers could enjoy fellowship with him and learn from his teaching.

We try to follow Jesus' example by teaching and training a few men at a time through inviting players into a small group setting, providing opportunities for them to serve others and creating environments where more players can enjoy fellowship and learn from Jesus' teaching.