Bible Reading Plan

A resource intended to cultivate a spiritual discipline that helps you grow individually and collectively as a group. It is our hope that you would join others and spend time each morning with bible reading, journaling and prayer.


If most people would trade their TV time for bible reading, they’d finish the entire bible in four weeks or less. In no more than fifteen minutes a day you can read through the bible in less than a year’s time.
— Donald Whitney

Option #1

Read Scripture Plan

A plan put together by The Bible Project in partnership with Crazy Love Ministries.

  • Takes you through the entire bible in one year.
  • Divides the bible into 16 sections organized in semi-chronological order.
  • You'll read 2-3 chapters a day and skim larger portions containing genealogies, census information, etc.
  • Each reading concludes with a psalm for you to slowly pray through.
  • Download the Read Scripture App

Watch this video from The Bible Project for a brief overview of the plan. 


Option #2

Grow Together Plan

This is essentially the same plan as the first option but with a slight twist in regard to reading the psalms.

  • Bible reading for each day taken directly from the Read Scripture Plan.
  • The psalm reading for each day is taken from Timothy Keller’s daily devotional, The Songs of Jesus.

The following is a PDF print-out and overview of our slightly modified plan.