The first followers of Jesus devoted themselves to reading and studying the Scriptures in order to learn a new way of life and a new way of thinking about their place in this world. The following reading plans are designed to help you learn this core habit of devoting yourself to the Scriptures.



Scripture Reading Plan (1-Year)

This plan takes you through the entire bible in one year. It is not our own but rather the Read Scripture Plan which has been put together by The Bible Project and Crazy Love Ministries. The only changes that we have made to the plan is the daily psalm which we have edited in a way that we believe is a little more manageable.


Scripture Reading Plan (Weekly)

This plan takes you through the entire bible in one year. It keeps you on track with our daily reading plan but breaks down the readings into a weekly format instead. Those who feel overwhelmed with keeping up with an assigned reading everyday may prefer to see the big picture of the week and read that week’s portion at their own pace.


Psalms Reading Plan (90-Day)

This is a short plan that is intended to help you learn the language of prayer. The Psalms are the only portion of Scripture written directly to God which makes them the perfect place for learning how to pray. This plan provides you with a psalm for your morning time of prayer and an evening time of prayer.

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Things Above

Things Above is a journal of short writings inspired from the work of UPI and reflections from the Scripture Reading Plan. This plan is intended to be a reminder that helps keep your mind focused on what really matters in this life. Join the group of regular readers and sign-up to receive our email.  


Baseball Chapel Devotional

This is a daily devotional put together by Baseball Chapel. Each devotional is written by different chaplains from the professional baseball world and are focused on topics and issues relevant to the professional player. You can receive each devotional in a daily email that is sent each morning.