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"The apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans is arguably the most influential work of literature in the history of civilization. As his only letter written to a church that he had yet to spend time with, Paul’s letter to the Romans is a synopsis of the gospel message showing how Jesus has established the new covenant people of God." 

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Suggested reading

The following is a list of books that were used and read to prepare this study.


The Message of Romans

John Stott


Romans For You: CH 1-7

Timothy Keller


Romans For You: CH 8-16

Timothy Keller


Romans Commentaries

Martyn Lloyd-Jones




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Study One

Romans 1:1-17

Study Two

Romans 1:18-32

Study Three

Romans 2:1-29

Study Four

Romans 3:1-20

Study Five

Romans 3:21-26

Study Six

Romans 3:27-4:25

Study Seven

Romans 5:1-11

Study Eight

Romans 5:12-21

Study Nine

Romans 6:1-14

Study Ten

Romans 6:15-23

Study Eleven

Romans 7:1-25

Study Twelve

Romans 8:1-17

Study Thirteen

Romans 8:18-27

Study Fourteen

Romans 8:28-39

Study Fifteen

Overview: Romans 1-8

Study Sixteen

Romans 9:1-33

Study Seventeen

Romans 10:1-21

Study Eighteen

Romans 11:1-36

Study Nineteen

Romans 12:1-16

Study Twenty

Romans 12:17-13:14

Study Twenty-One

Romans 14:1-15:13

Study Twenty-Two

Romans 15:14-16:27