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“The Sermon on the Mount is our Lord’s manifesto describing what He wanted His followers to look like and live like. It is a message from the Savior-King Himself instructing all Christians at all times on what it means and what it looks like to live the Kingdom way of life.”
— Terry Evans

Study 1: The Gospel of the Kingdom

Study 2: The Blessed and the Blessing

Study 3: The Different and the Distinct

Study 4: Engage Your Environment

Study 5: Excel in Obedience

Study 6: Address Sin Immediately

Study 7: Keep Your Word

Study 8: Love and Pray for All People

Study 9: Pursue the Father's Praise

Study 10: Enjoy the Father's Presence

Study 11: Trust the Father's Provision

Study 12: Confront the World With Compassion

Study 13: Two Different Paths

Study 14: Two Different Foundations

Study 15: The Teaching and the Teacher