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"The Bible is a book that tells the one big story of how the Creator is rescuing his creation through the Christ. In this series, we are going to look at five different different human figures from the Old Testament story and see how their stories foreshadow what would eventually be fulfilled in the Christ of the New Testament.”

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Thanks to The Bible Project

Suggested reading

The following is a list of books that were used and read to prepare this study.


The Unfolding Mystery

Edmund Clowney


Genesis Commentary

Derek Kidner


Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

Craig Keener & John Walton


New Bible Commentary

Gordon Wenham & Alec Motyer


The Lost World of Adam and Eve

John Walton




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One Big Story

Image Restored

Genesis 1:26:28

Blessing Extended

Genesis 12:1-3

Torah Fulfilled

Exodus 19:1-6

Throne Established

2 Samuel 7:9-16

Kingdom Inaugurated

Daniel 7:13-14