Study questions


The following study questions will help any Bible learner or leader to better understand any passage of Scripture. We can use these questions as a guide for what we write in our journals or for what we prepare in our time of teaching others.

These study questions can also be used for every group study to help the group learn together and to make it easy for anyone to lead a small group study. All a leader or facilitator has to do is designate the section of Scripture to be read aloud that day and then ask the following study questions for the group to discuss together. Choose from either of the following:

New Learner Questions

1. What gets your attention in this particular reading?

2. What is something that you learn about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit in this reading?

3. What is something that you learn about people/humans/yourself in this reading?

4. Is there a particular sin to avoid, command to obey, example to follow or promise to celebrate in this reading?

5. What is something that you are going to do in response to what you’ve learned?  

Next Level Questions 

1. What can we praise or thank God for from this particular reading?

2. What is the original author trying to communicate to his original audience?

3. What timeless and transcendent truth does this passage teach all readers?

4. How is this relevant to my own life and how is the Spirit leading me to respond?