Allegiance to the Kingdom

Allegiance to the Kingdom.jpg

In what was considered his most famous time of teaching, Jesus taught a large crowd the principles of living as citizens of God’s Kingdom. In that teaching, he begins to address the nature of true spirituality in everyday life. Many of us try to divide life into the spiritual and material, but Jesus never made that kind of distinction.

Citizens of God’s Kingdom recognize our King’s authority over all things in life and use all things in life for the glory of our King and the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

In his best selling book, Radical, author David Platt declares that “we stand amid an American dream dominated by self-advancement, self-esteem, and self-sufficiency.” 

The tragic reality facing many of us today is our own obliviousness to the poor investment of investing in ourselves. Many of us casually wander down the path of self-advancement and seeking to use the resources we accumulate along the way for the establishment our own mini-kingdoms where we are in control. The tragedy of this is that our safety, security, and satisfaction become misplaced in a temporary self-made kingdom that will inevitably end. 

As followers of Jesus and citizens of God’s Kingdom, our allegiance cannot be divided between two kingdoms. Our love for Jesus should lead us to invest our time, energy and resources in promoting and advancing his Kingdom alone. After all, it is life with him that offers the eternal safety, security, and satisfaction that we all desire in the first place.

May God forgive us for the many different ways that we promote our own mini-kingdoms and help us to find his eternal Kingdom more valuable than the American dream.