Lead by Empowering

There’s no question about it; Moses was a leader. Not only did he lead the deliverance of God's people from their bondage in Egypt, he also acted as the lawgiver, judge and mediator for God's people. This leadership position that God had given him was one that he took seriously, and so he was sincere in all of his efforts to concern himself with the cares and conflicts of his people no matter how great or small the case. However, this became a full-time commitment that would take up the entirety of the day, and so one day his father-in-law foresaw the exhaustion and lack of efficiency this would bring upon Moses and the people and offered some wise advice

3 Steps to Start Celebrating the Success of Others

Minor League Baseball can breed this awkward team dynamic where everyone's individual pursuit of the Big Leagues secretly but not-so-secretly trumps the overall performance of the team. Sadly (but truthfully), this can cause players to struggle with the success of their own teammates (especially those who play the same position). And so, even though your teammate's success will help the overall performance of the team, it can also be seen as a potential threat to your individual pursuit of being the next guy who gets called up to the Big Leagues.

God-Confidence in the Clutch

God-Confidence in the Clutch

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines confidence as “full trust; belief in the power, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.” As professional athletes, confidence is often developed through the persistent challenging and testing of our athletic abilities. Over time, we reach a certain point where we aren’t afraid of stepping up to the plate when the game is on the line because we have been through this a thousand times before and proven that we possess the strength and ability to come through in the clutch.