What is the Bible Trying To Do?

The week after Thanksgiving has become the most refreshing week of the year for Tanner and I. That is because every year for the last seven years, we have attended PAO’s Increase Conference during this time. This event provides a place for professional athletes to gather together and to learn from gifted speakers and teachers concerning how our Christian faith should be impacting our relationships, finances and careers.

More Than You Think

Many of us are fine with Jesus as the great teacher or advocate of social justice. It’s the Jesus who claims to be the Lord and Master of the Universe that we have difficulties accepting. There’s a particular story that Mark records in his gospel where Jesus says something and then does something that dramatically reveals how much everyone was underestimating his ability and authority.

The Secret of Contentment

The fact that Paul could be at peace and stay content in the midst of everything that he had experienced was an amazing mindset, but it’s also one that’s available to every other follower of Jesus as well. And so, how can we get to a place in our own life where we can actually say with integrity that, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”?