Four Favorites

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Last Friday, I offered some suggestions and recommendations regarding various things that I’ve been reading or listening to. This week, I have four more things that I think are definitely worth your time and attention.

I’ve provided two articles, one podcast and one book recommendation with links to each within the titles below. Hope you enjoy!

The State of Theology

A survey by LifeWay Research

This small survey (based on interviews with 3,000 Americans) was conducted to get a more informed idea of what Americans believe about God, Jesus, sin and eternity. The results reveal a pretty deep confusion about the Bible among Americans as a whole but also among American Christians as well. This is another reminder of how important it is for all of us to be actively sharing the story of the Bible, clarifying misunderstandings and teaching new believers how to obey all that Jesus commanded.

Infographic: The Story of Redemption

A timeline of the Biblical Story by Crossway

This article is adapted from the ESV Story of Redemption Bible with commentary by Greg Gilbert. It breaks down the story of the Bible into twenty different sections with a short description of each section. If you want to get a good general overview of the Biblical story then this is a great little article to get you started.

Exploring My Strange Bible

A podcast by Tim Mackie

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s an anthology of Tim Mackie’s (The Bible Project) lectures, sermons, and classroom teachings, collected over the last ten years. They’ve been brought together to help you take a deeper dive into the language and history of the Bible. I’ve probably learned more from Tim Mackie over the last two years than anyone else I’ve read or listened to.

Everyday Church

A book by Steve Timmis

This is another book that I finished reading a month or so ago, but it was so good that I have just recently started reading it again. It offers practical ideas and personal stories for engaging with Western society and provides helpful insight on how to effectively reach people in the context of everyday life. With endorsements from guys like Timothy Keller, Francis Chan and Matt Chandler, you can rest assured that this short read is probably worth your time.