Kingdom Way of Life Series

This season’s Baseball Chapel teaching schedule has us teaching weekly messages from the gospel of Matthew. To supplement this teaching schedule, I have decided to upload a series that we did several years ago on the Sermon on the Mount as new episodes on the Things Above podcast. This is a series that I first taught four years ago as Sunday chapel messages for the Braves, and one that I updated two years later for our Thursday morning men’s group here in Atlanta.

The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ most popular teaching from which many sermons have been preached and many books have been written, and it is a portion of Scripture that many of us consider familiar and something that we already understand fairly well. So that begs the question:

Why did I decide to teach such a popular portion of Scripture instead of something else?

The answer was fairly straightforward. As I read through the history of the church and observed great moments of reformation and revival that had taken place at various moments during that history, I began to come to the conclusion that our current condition as the modern church in Western civilization is one that seems to be plagued with powerlessness and superficiality.

So what we can do to resist superficial Christianity and to rediscover real devotion to Christ?

We need a fresh wind of authenticity and a firm grasp of our identity as Christians.

It is my hope that a sincere and serious study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount will lead us to repent of our current sinfulness (if needed) and move us towards a life of true righteousness that exceeds any and all forms of superficial Christianity. The Sermon on the Mount is the great summary of what a Christian should look like and how a Christian ought to live.

The Sermon on the Mount teaches us what it means and what it looks like to live the kingdom way of life. It lays before us what human life and human community should look like when they are reorganized according to the reality that Jesus is our King.

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