Thanksgiving Quiz

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As we get ready to celebrate tomorrow and spend some extended time with family and friends over the next few days, I thought I’d send a few resources for you to check out.

I’ve provided one quiz, one blog post and one article with links to each within the titles below. Hope you enjoy!

Thanksgiving Quiz

A quiz to test your whole family

Were there more Indians or Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving? What president finally made Thanksgiving a national US holiday?

Last week, I spent a couple hours preparing a Thanksgiving Quiz for our Thursday Morning group to take together in our last meeting before the holiday. The test is made up of 25 questions, and would be a fun addition to your time tomorrow with family and friends. If you decide to take it then simply respond to this email or text me for the answer key. The current high score is 12 out of 25. Good luck!


An archived post

As we get ready to celebrate a week of Thanksgiving, may this short reflection help all of us take time in the midst of this week to do just that. May we not overlook the amazing grace of God that is just waiting to be acknowledged all around us, and may we give God more glory by giving God more thanks.

How to Handle Difficult Conversations at Thanksgiving

A New York Times article by Richard Schiffman

“Thanksgiving is America’s yearly celebration of family togetherness. But with partisan divisions at a boiling point after the polarizing midterm election and a punishing political year, many are bracing themselves for a war of words at the dinner table this Thursday.”

This article offers some practical advice on how to go into Thanksgiving with a mindset that seeks to listen and learn more about others rather than going in with a mindset that is ready to defend and argue your own political positions and preferences.