Clayton Kershaw: A Firm Foundation

Having a good foundation is crucial on the mound and for your journey throughout this life. In this video, Clayton will share some insight from his own career and journey, and Tony will point out the truth that our foundation is going to dictate the decisions that we make and the paths that we take.

Ian Kennedy: Grips and Gifts

We need to recognize what we’re good at and use these gifts. In this video, Ian will share some different grips he uses to help command his pitches, and Tony will point out the truth that we are created to use our gifts and to not hold on to the things of this world too tightly.

Luke Hochevar: Situations

When certain situations happen how are we going to respond? In this video, Luke will help us prepare for the situations that can happen throughout the course of a game, and Tony will share truth on how we ought to respond when tough situations happen in life.

Ian Kennedy: Offseason Training

An athlete is always training; even their rest is a time of training. In this video, Ian will share his offseason training routine, and Tony will point out the benefit of training ourselves in godliness in preparation for the life to come.

Luke Hochevar: Adversity

A mark of a great baseball player is the ability to stay steady in the midst of adversity. In this video, Luke will share his mindset and approach during times of adversity, and Tony will describe how our view of God and ourselves will directly impact how we handle adversity.

Matt Murton: My Story

We make plans in life, but God directs our path. In this video, Matt shares about the ups and downs of his professional baseball career and what God has revealed to him through his time playing in Japan.

Luke Hochevar: My Story

The game of baseball can become a god to so many players. In this video, Luke shares the successes and failures that have helped him keep a clear perspective on what this life is all about.

Brian Hommel: Sermon

This video is a sermon shared at Arizona Community Church in Tempe, AZ on May 15, 2016.

Terry Evans: Sermon

This video is a sermon shared at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA on May 21, 2017. In this message, Terry seeks to provide clarity as to what the Christian life is all about. 

Terry Evans: Sermon

This video is a sermon shared on October 6, 2017 at the One Thing for Men gathering in Alpharetta, GA. In this message, Terry explores why Jesus declared that it would be difficult for those with wealth to enter into the kingdom of God.