What we do.

We believe that following Jesus initiates a new life full of unlimited potential, and so we seek to help professional baseball players become disciples of Jesus.

How do we do that?

Many Christians tend to think of discipleship as a program or a curriculum that you go through and then take others through once you've completed it. However, we believe that discipleship is not a program or a curriculum, but rather a new way of life that we are learning for the rest of our lives.

It is not our desire to create a neatly packaged program for players to follow and "finish" (however you might define "finish"). We simply desire to come alongside of players, to walk with players, to enter into a relationship with players and to lead players as we grow together in our discipleship to Jesus. That being said, there are two specific things that we believe God has called us to do:  

1. Mentorship: As we devote ourselves to becoming more like Jesus, we simply invite players to join us on this journey. Our ministry team has played the game and understands the unique challenges that players face. And so we aim to simply meet players where they are and help them learn a new way of life and a new way of seeing the world based on the life and teaching of Jesus.

Mentorship is not just a formal meeting that you schedule on your weekly calendar; it is an intentional journey together that takes place in-person, over the phone, in the clubhouse, around a table and on the golf course.        

2. Community: Followers of Jesus are to be a unique community that is devoted to loving God and to loving others. Therefore, we define community as intentional relationships with other players who are serious about following Jesus. Our ministry team seeks to experiment with ways that we can model and cultivate community for players even though they are constantly moving and traveling from city to city.

Two specific ways that we seek to cultivate community for players is through small groups and shared experiences. Whether it's a group Bible study through Zoom or a mission trip to the Philippines, we create spaces for players to grow spiritually and to connect with others in the game.