Discipleship to Help Professional Players Follow Jesus 

We are former professional baseball players helping other players learn a new way of life and a new way of thinking about the world based on the life and teaching of Jesus.



Our goal is to reach, teach, and train baseball players for the purpose of sending them out into the world to make disciples of Jesus who love God passionately and love others radically. Scroll down to learn more about our approach to accomplishing this goal.


Small Groups

Jesus selected a few men and then began to teach and to train those men in the context of a small group. We try to follow his example by teaching and training a few men at a time through the formation of small groups that are designed in a way that focuses on obedience to Jesus and authentic life transformation. 


Men's Retreats

The baseball clubhouse is a place that players often miss the most during the offseason and especially once life after baseball begins. Our retreats are designed to recreate the clubhouse environment and to help players reconnect with other players. The focus of these retreats is sharing our lives together and learning to follow Jesus.


Mission Trips

We take players with us as we come alongside foreign missionaries to help serve others and to share the radical love of Jesus in a different culture. Our trips are carefully selected to bless our missionary partners and their communities while helping players learn a new way of thinking about the world.



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The UPI App is a Bible teaching app for learners and leaders put together by the guys at Unlimited Potential, Inc.

Start a small group with your friends or teammates and then grow together. Each study gives you the option to watch, read or listen to the session and then provides a leader's guide which equips everyone with all that they need to lead a group.

Extra features include a Bible reading plan, a schedule of UPI events, recommended books from our staff and links to the resources from Crazy Love Ministries and The Bible Project.