About Us

We were made for more than reaching our full potential as professional athletes. We were made to experience a life of unlimited potential. And until we discover this life, we will always feel like something is missing.

In 1980, Tom Roy stepped out in faith and started a small ministry that was specifically focused on professional baseball players. He knew that players were ultimately searching for something greater than what the game could give them, and so, Tom wanted to help players discover that there is more to life than reaching your full potential in the game. He wanted players to discover that there is unlimited potential in a life committed to Jesus.

This was the beginning of Unlimited Potential.

Jesus said that he came to give us life and life to the full — the greater life that we are all searching for. The problem is that many of us get lured into believing that this life can be found in being successful, signing a long-term deal and becoming a celebrity. Unlimited Potential exists to help players avoid this trap and to discover the greater life that Jesus has come to give us.

We believe that following Jesus initiates a new life of unlimited potential.

This is the vision and mission that God gave Tom Roy over 40 years ago. And it’s been such a privilege to be used by God to help impact the lives of others.