What we do.

We believe that following Jesus initiates a new life full of unlimited potential, and so we seek to help professional baseball players become disciples of Jesus.

It is not our desire to create a neatly packaged program for others to follow and "finish" (however you might define "finish"). We simply desire to come alongside of others, to walk with others, to enter into a relationship with others and to lead others as we grow in our own intimacy with God. That being said, there are three elements that are present in everything we do:  

1. Scripture: Jesus and his first followers were committed to the Scriptures and completely immersed in the redemptive story that they were telling. They knew their Bible and understood it much better than we do today. The Scriptures are important, and so we are devoted to reading, studying, knowing and teaching the Bible.    

2. Community: Followers of Jesus are to be a unique community that is devoted to loving God and to loving others. Our lives together ought to show the world that Jesus is who he said he was. We seek to experiment with ways that we can model and cultivate intentional community among those we teach.    

3. Discipleship: Jesus selected a few men and then began to teach and to train those men in the context of "doing life" together. Despite our modern challenges to this ancient rabbinic approach, we try to emulate the "come and follow me" approach that we see Jesus use in the Bible.

We are former professional baseball players helping other players learn a new way of life and a new way of thinking about the world based on the life and teaching of Jesus. Our work is the product of our love for God and our devotion to loving others.