Perplexed By Paul

The governing authorities in charge of Paul's trial are at a loss on what to do with him. He's an honest man who has been an upstanding citizen and has shown great respect for the governing authorities over him during his imprisonment. Despite the sentence of condemnation against him and the petition from the religious leaders that Paul deserved to die, those in charge of officially examining his life decided that he had "done nothing deserving of death."

Confronting the King

In the midst of an extremely divisive climate in our culture, we could use some wisdom on how to best engage in heated conversations without throwing gas on the fire. As we also live in what has become a post-Christian society, we could use some wisdom on how to best share the teachings of Jesus in a way that corrects misunderstandings about him and that confronts the ways that he is often misrepresented.

More Than You Think

Many of us are fine with Jesus as the great teacher or advocate of social justice. It’s the Jesus who claims to be the Lord and Master of the Universe that we have difficulties accepting. There’s a particular story that Mark records in his gospel where Jesus says something and then does something that dramatically reveals how much everyone was underestimating his ability and authority.

Totally Worth It

As I’ve been spending time the last few weeks reading over Paul’s last letter to Timothy, I’ve been humbled and convicted and challenged by the tone in Paul’s voice and how he’s pleading with Timothy to not compromise his commitment to Jesus. To be honest, I’ve struggled with what’s being said in this letter because it just seems so far away from my own experience and my own commitment to Jesus.

The Secret of Contentment

The fact that Paul could be at peace and stay content in the midst of everything that he had experienced was an amazing mindset, but it’s also one that’s available to every other follower of Jesus as well. And so, how can we get to a place in our own life where we can actually say with integrity that, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”?

Coffee and a Question

When we talk about reaching others, in a sense we are talking about what most people would define as evangelism. This means actively trying to share the good news about what God has done through Jesus with the hope that people will respond to this news by repenting and following Jesus as King. However, if we’re not considerate in our efforts to do this, we begin to fall into the trap of becoming Christian-salesmen peddling Jesus as our product and strictly focusing on ‘closing the deal’ and moving on to the next customer.

The Appropriate Response

What is the appropriate response to hearing and embracing the gospel? Sometimes we are told that all we need to do is repeat a prayer and raise our hand. But if this was indeed the way that we were intended to respond to the gospel then there’s no doubt that it would have been made clear right here in Scripture. However, Scripture provides a different answer concerning “What shall we do?”

3 Steps to Start Celebrating the Success of Others

Minor League Baseball can breed this awkward team dynamic where everyone's individual pursuit of the Big Leagues secretly but not-so-secretly trumps the overall performance of the team. Sadly (but truthfully), this can cause players to struggle with the success of their own teammates (especially those who play the same position). And so, even though your teammate's success will help the overall performance of the team, it can also be seen as a potential threat to your individual pursuit of being the next guy who gets called up to the Big Leagues.

The Hidden Headline Behind All the Major Headlines

The history of humanity's progress is often characterized by advancements in empire, discovery, renaissance, enlightenment, industry and information. Mankind has worked tirelessly to subdue the universe and with great success has brought to light many of the wondrous things hidden within it. However, in spite of all his great discoveries and progress, man is still searching for that most illusive treasure that seems to continually escape him.