4 Basic Things That Are Essential to Following Jesus
on January 31st, 2022
As you guys are getting ready for the start of a new season and a new set of opportunities to impact the guys around you, we wanted to share a probing question that ought to challenge every follower of Jesus.   Read More
Let's Read the Bible Together in 2022
on December 27th, 2021
Whatever your goals may be, we all know that there are things in our lives that we need to alter or do better, and the New Year offers us the ceremonial fresh start that motivates us to actually start implementing these things into our daily routines and weekly rhythms.  Read More
The Transition Into the Offseason is a Great Opportunity for Transformation and Change
on October 19th, 2021
The offseason is a time of reentering into your “other life” — a time to reconnect with family and friends, to resettle into what you call home and to remember that there are more important things about you than your exit velocity or your spin rate. I hope you find these next 3-4 months restful, replenishing and reenergizing for your body, mind and soul, and that it is a time of blessing and goodness for your family as a whole.  Read More
Connection vs Task
on October 10th, 2021
I recently preached at our home church in Delaware. Thank you, as I know many of you were praying for me. At the heart of my message was a contrast of two words, connection versus task. Most of us have a natural bent towards one or the other.  Read More
Summer Camps
on August 2nd, 2021
We are praising God that many of the protocols we have been under are now being relaxed so that we can once again begin to meet for in-person gatherings. It’s been so good for our souls.  Read More
Infinite Joy
on June 1st, 2021
Jesus claims that infinite joy or joy in fullness is found only in Him. Specifically, joy is found abiding or remaining in Him. There also seems to be something else that is synonymous to abiding in Jesus - obedience.  Read More
Training Ground
on April 1st, 2021
In this pandemic, many people long for certainty, but feel like they’re left alone to struggle through the uncertainty of this desert. People have lost family members, friends, jobs and maybe even hope.  Read More
How to Love
on March 17th, 2021
The parable that Jesus uses to answer this question doesn’t really address what type of people we should love. Instead, it addresses the bigger issue which is are we the type of people who love others?  Read More
What Does God Want From You?
on February 7th, 2021
Our view of what God is like and our assumptions about what he wants or expects from us will determine how we interact with him and whether or not we will fully devote ourselves to a relationship with him.  Read More
What Are You Building Your Life On?
on February 2nd, 2021
Many of us often think about Christianity in terms of those who believe and those who don’t believe. But Jesus often taught about something that is not quite as clear as believers and nonbelievers.  Read More
Not Alone
on February 1st, 2021
One consequence of the coronavirus was that it caused us to alter how we cultivated relationships. We are trading in-person relationships to having them on Zoom. Being on a computer and in-person are not the same thing. We need face-to-face relationship.  Read More
Jesus' Triumph
on January 21st, 2021
The message being delivered here is subversive and shocking! Everyone knows that a crucified King is a failed King. However, Mark brilliantly displays how Jesus’ moment of apparent defeat was actually a moment of his ultimate triumph.  Read More