NEW Podcast Series: Son of Man

Well, it’s been four months since the last episode of the Things Above podcast, but a new series is starting and a new episode has finally been uploaded. Since we wrapped up our series on Genesis in October, my time has been occupied with mission trips, conferences, retreats, the holidays and officiating a few weddings in between. These winter months will probably just have to be the offseason for the podcast each year.

Lead by Empowering

There’s no question about it; Moses was a leader. Not only did he lead the deliverance of God's people from their bondage in Egypt, he also acted as the lawgiver, judge and mediator for God's people. This leadership position that God had given him was one that he took seriously, and so he was sincere in all of his efforts to concern himself with the cares and conflicts of his people no matter how great or small the case. However, this became a full-time commitment that would take up the entirety of the day, and so one day his father-in-law foresaw the exhaustion and lack of efficiency this would bring upon Moses and the people and offered some wise advice

The Flood & Our Faith

Throughout the Old Testament, God makes covenants with his people by entering into an agreement with one man who serves as the acting representative of all humanity. In Genesis 9, God enters into one of these agreements with a man named Noah where he promises that he will never again allow utter chaos to destroy his creation. The story of the great flood and God's covenant with Noah gives us an early glimpse into the eternal plan of God that unfolds throughout the rest of the Bible.

New Year & New Habits

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a brand new year, and many of us have new hopes and new habits that we are ready to enjoy and set in motion starting tomorrow. Personally, I’m making a commitment to eat less sugar, own less stuff, use less screen-time, get more sleep and embrace more silence in my life — I’m going to try and devote the first hour of every day to silence, psalm reading and prayer. We all know that there are things in our lives that we need to alter or do better, and the New Year often gives us the spark of motivation that we need to actually implement these things.

A Reflection on Cuba

This past Monday, I returned home from my first trip to what has been one of the most controversial countries in the Western Hemisphere. For most Americans, the island of Cuba is mostly known for its cigars, classic cars and communist revolutionaries. But beyond this perception are people. Real people with real lives that tend to get overlooked when we only see a country through the lens of political jargon and propaganda.

What is the Bible Trying To Do?

The week after Thanksgiving has become the most refreshing week of the year for Tanner and I. That is because every year for the last seven years, we have attended PAO’s Increase Conference during this time. This event provides a place for professional athletes to gather together and to learn from gifted speakers and teachers concerning how our Christian faith should be impacting our relationships, finances and careers.

A King on a Cross

If our Lord was simply an almighty King sitting on his sovereign throne commanding us as his subjects to serve and to suffer for his sake then that sort of call would certainly feel like a burdensome mandate that we were forced and obligated to carry out. That is why the apostle Paul takes time to point out the proper motivation for Christian suffering by providing the beautiful portrait of Christ’s own sacrifice for our salvation.

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Do

Although completely overlooked in our daily rush through life and drastically underestimated in comparison to our modern capabilities, the greatest thing that we will ever do in our lifetime is to pray. That is not simply a Christian overstatement in order to please God or to sound super-spiritual. If we stopped for just a moment and seriously considered what prayer actually is then we would shutter in humility at how often we take this great privilege for granted.

True Love Tells Hard Truth

True love for our brothers and sisters in Christ will sometimes require confrontation. In addressing certain patterns of sinful behavior evident among the Corinthian church, the apostle Paul decided to make a “painful visit” to Corinth in order show tough love and speak hard truth that might wake up the Corinthians to an understanding of what was wrong with their actions.

Unity in the Midst of Unique Diversity

It’s apparent that some of the Corinthian Christians were dividing the church over disagreements concerning spiritual gifts (God-given abilities meant for the edifying of God’s people). There was so much emphasis and esteem being placed on certain gifts that those who seemed to be lacking these certain gifts were beginning to feel as if they were missing a vital aspect of what it means to be a Christian.

The Most Important Paragraph Ever Written

John Piper has declared Romans 3:21-26 as the most important paragraph written in the entire Bible. And some biblical scholars have even labeled Romans 3:21-26 as possibly the most important single paragraph ever written in the history of literature. It is in this profound paragraph, that the apostle Paul reminds his readers of the amazing grace of God and the incredible hope that he has given humanity.

Perplexed By Paul

The governing authorities in charge of Paul's trial are at a loss on what to do with him. He's an honest man who has been an upstanding citizen and has shown great respect for the governing authorities over him during his imprisonment. Despite the sentence of condemnation against him and the petition from the religious leaders that Paul deserved to die, those in charge of officially examining his life decided that he had "done nothing deserving of death."