The Week of Weeks

The Week of Weeks.jpg

This week commemorates 'The Week' in which all of our hope in Christ rests. If this week didn't turn out the way in which history tells us then our faith is in vain and we are to be the most pitied of men in the world (1 Corinthians 15). This week we celebrate the axis on which all of history turns, and therefore, this week is indeed a special week that deserves deep consideration.

Many may declare, "This week ought to be no different than any other week. Christians should celebrate the cross and resurrection every week." While I understand the sentiment, I disagree that this week ought to be no different. Perhaps, too often we view commemorations and special remembrances as too legalistic, or too liturgical, or too Catholic, or too ritualistic. In our fear of these labels, perhaps we run too far away towards a position that completely misses out on the contemplative richness of religious observances. Afterall, it was during this Holy Week that Christ instituted a new commerative meal that celebrated the fulfillment of the old. 

That being said, I'd like to provide a very basic and brief schedule of events experienced by Christ in that week that changed every week thereafter. May we meditatively consider the thoughts, emotions and experiences of our Savior that He encountered during each day of this week:

  • Sunday - Christ enters Jerusalem and the crowds rejoice in hope that He is the coming King they've all been expecting.

  • Monday - Christ weeps over Jerusalem because they're failing to realize the moment that's before them. He then cleanses the temple of its corruption.

  • Tuesday - Christ teaches in the temple pronouncing "Woes" upon the religious establishment.

  • Wednesday - (see below)

  • Thursday - Christ prepares the 'final' Passover and institutes the 'new Passover' which fulfills the old. Afterwards, He anxiously retreats to the garden to pray in preparation of what's coming.

  • Friday - Christ is betrayed, arrested, undergoes six different trials before finally being crucified and buried.

  • Saturday - The Sabbath. Scripture is silent on Christ's experience on this day.

  • Sunday - Christ is resurrected and appears to His disciples and others.

Again, this week commemorates 'The Week' that we're all banking our hope on. Take time today and consider what that Wednesday must have been like for Christ. Scripture is silent on anything specific He did on this day. He probably taught in the temple again, but what was He feeling as He was nearing the very death that He was born to endure? Pray today in a way that specifically recalls this day in history and let's make an effort to contemplatively honor the magnificent event that this week commemorates.