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Son of Man Series

Well, it’s been four months since the last episode of the Things Above podcast, but a new series is starting and a new episode has finally been uploaded. Since we wrapped up our series on Genesis in October, my time has been occupied with mission trips, conferences, retreats, the holidays and officiating a few weddings in between. These winter months will probably just have to be the offseason for the podcast each year.

That being said, we are getting ready to teach the Spring Training Bible Studies which are held in various locations in Arizona and Florida for players and their wives, and so the last few weeks have been a time of reading and writing and preparing for those studies. This year’s Spring Training Bible Study will be a five-part series that we have entitled, Son of Man: Foreshadowed & Fulfilled, and I will be uploading those messages each week as new episodes for the podcast.

In this series, we are going to look at five different different human figures from the Old Testament story and see how their stories foreshadow what would eventually be fulfilled in the Christ of the New Testament.

Unfortunately, many people only view the Bible as an old religious book that is meant to reform our behavior through rituals and rule keeping. And then there are others who just see it primarily as a book about how to go to heaven when you die. But in this series, we are going to try and show you how the Bible is offering us a new worldview and a new way of life by inviting us to participate in the one big epic story that it is telling from cover to cover.

The Bible is a book that tells the one big story of how the Creator is rescuing his creation through the Christ.

I am still in the process of researching and writing some of the studies for this series, but I am enjoying the preparation and learning a lot in the process. I have put together a brief introduction to this series which I have just uploaded to the podcast as our first episode of 2019.

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